Backup Singers




Alana Smith:

Fabric fashionista and queen of the courts

From a young age, sports were an enormous part of my active Colorado upbringing. I eventually turned most of my attention to tennis and ended up playing for Colorado State University. Wish we had these reliable and fashionable headbands back then! 

I am married to my 8th grade sweetheart further proving the importance we place on long-term commitment in our fun-loving, adventurous family. Our amazingly fantastic kids are: Kylie age 8, Brady age 6, and our daughter, Charleigh, who is almost 4.

In my former professional life, I have been a tennis teaching pro, a probation officer, a third grade and a sixth grade teacher, and have designed a children's clothing line. My love of fabric and making clothing ignited a passion for design that I have never abandoned. The right kind of fabric can make me downright giddy. It’s the little things sometimes. Sports are still a major part of my family’s life: soccer, volleyball, football, and tennis keep us busy and on the go.

When I coach soccer, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the young kids glow with a sense of accomplishing something new. I still actively play soccer and am starting to get the urge to play tennis again. 

I am a third generation Denver Broncos fan who loves cheering for our local professional teams and especially the kids’ teams. Watching kids invested in a team or individual goal is such a lifelong skill. It thrills me to be part of a movement that cherishes that dream in girls.

Bucket List Item(s): Catch an entire Wimbledon tournament courtside and meet Adam Levine!


Casey Whitney:

Compassionate caretaker and child advocate

Being a Colorado native is a pretty special claim to fame in a state full of visitors turned residents. Growing up, my big family liked to hop from the swimming pool to the tennis courts to the soccer and baseball fields in the summer and the football field to the hockey rink to the basketball courts in the winter. My mom sat at the helm of the family suburban with doors open to all willing participants who needed a ride, a coach, a mentor, warm cookies (and often homework enforcements!).

After going out of state for college, I returned to where the home fires burned and married the love of my life who enjoys a fast-paced, crazy life as much as me. We have been blessed with 3 kids: Jake is 10, Payton is 8 and Stella is 1. They are constant reminders for us about the importance of laughing, unconditional love and making the most of each day.

When my son was born with special needs, I left corporate America. With the help of my husband and 3 other families, we started an inclusive preschool that is still providing quality education for young kids throughout Denver.

After the birth of my second child, I enrolled in an accelerated nursing program and became an RN. It was a whirlwind 18 months, but with the help of the proverbial village, I am now a neonatal intensive care nurse and loving every minute of it.

Although getting three kids to an 8:00 game is not for the faint of heart, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Good thing my weekend uniform consists of sweats, a ponytail and a headband to hold it all together.

Bucket List Item: Learn to surf with my husband and kids and catch the big kahuna together!


Tracey Theofiledes:

Snow shredder and delectable chocolate cakemaker

During my Southern California upbringing, I grew up in an active family who embraced indoor and outdoor sports. Many of our outdoor games or water sports were followed by family feasts courtesy of my dad’s Dutch Oven cooking skills – an outdoor staple in my childhood and adulthood. These days, I am a Colorado girl making some of the same great memories and traditions with my own little family in the beautiful Rocky Mountain vista. 

I traded my ballet shoes and tennis racket of my youth for a pair of running shoes and skis since moving to Colorado where I met my husband in Boulder (home of my college alma mater). I guess you could say competition is engrained in our DNA – both of our dads played football professionally when we were young. We have two awesome, energetic kids. My daughter, Taylor, is 9 and my son, Brady, is 7. They love anything that involves throwing, kicking, bumping, or shooting a ball.

Before becoming a mom, I worked in the creative department in the Advertising world. Now, my days are filled with volunteering at school, walking the dog, PTO meetings, community service, homework, carpooling gaggles of kids to numerous practices.

In the summer, my favorite place to be is on the Picklefish IV boat in the middle of Bear Lake, Utah at our family cabin. In the winter, there's nothing better than chasing my kids down a long powder run on a sunny Colorado day.

I love coffee in the morning, my husband's pancakes, a long run, watching my kids' games from the sidelines, getting lost in a great book, a date night with my husband, a powder day, the view at Bear Lake and the Denver Broncos.

Bucket List Item: Ride Thunder, the Bronco team’s white horse, in a lap around Mile High Stadium to commence a winning football season!


Lisa Held:

Proprietor of the legally blonde ponytail

I landed in Colorado in 2004 after my husband’s job lead us to the beautiful mile-high city of Denver. I spent an active childhood growing up in Northern California where the outdoors, a soccer ball, and a starting block at the track were never more than a few feet away. Since I believe in a balance between active and academic growth, I followed a passion at San Jose State University where I focused on paralegal studies. For ten years, I worked in the legal field before starting a family. My husband and I have been married for 12 years now. Our daughter, Taylor, is 8 and our son, Drew, is 6. I enjoy being involved at my children’s school and love being their biggest supporter on the sidelines for extracurricular activities. The old saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” rings true in our family. My daughter loves athletics. Being on the sidelines to cheer the kids and their friends brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. What an unlikely place to form an idea for a business adventure- Life is funny that way! Once it became apparent that the young girls needed the perfect accessory to not only hold back their hair but to match their spunky personalities, a few of our ‘mom’preneurs huddled up and A Girl and Her Band was born.

Bucket List Item: Attend the Olympics with my family wearing our patriotic bands, of course!

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