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Be The Change

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead-


There eventually comes a time (like in the blink of an eye) when your toddler evolves into less of a tornadic hoarder of toys and more of a miniature person capable of sharing them. We believe that kids and adults alike are wired to give of themselves. It can be the gift of time, affection or a box wrapped with a bow on a special occasion. There is a certain feeling that overcomes us as we do something good in the world. It is a heart opener and a heart healer in so many ways. Giving back or paying-it-forward feels similar to the endorphins after a good sweat or workout. But BETTER. It is the feeling of knowing you have left a person and a world somehow better than you found it.

When you visit an elementary classroom for any duration of time, you will notice children’s innate knack for giving. Often, you will leave with a stack of homemade cards from kids you just met- a paper fortune teller decorated especially for you, an abstract but lovely portrait with your hair in a bow as big as your body, or a birthday card even if your birthday is nine full months away. Kids are naturally wired to give of themselves. It is important to give them the opportunity to do so whenever possible.

Our Be The Change headband was designed specifically for giving back to our global community. We will be selling this band at the movie premier of “Girl Rising” which A Girl and Her Band is hosting on Monday, March 11 in Denver, Colorado. All proceeds from the sale of this band will be donated to the 10 x 10 Girls’ Education Fund. 10 x 10 is on a mission to launch a global campaign to empower and educate girls from around the world.

If you are looking for a fantastic picture book that tells the story of small acts of kindness that change the world, grab a copy of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. You and your child will never forget this bedtime story. Likely, you will wake a changed person the morning after this beautiful read-aloud. It may even become a family tradition- one that you will want to pass down from generation to generation. Just like a kind, giving heart.



Book Description: Born in Hiroshima in 1943, Sadako was the star of her school’s running team, until the dizzy spells started and she was forced to face the hardest race of her life-the race against time.


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