Cape?What Cape?

imagesScaling up. Sounds great, right? It’s what most entrepreneurs strive to do. It’s often the message we receive from almost every media and societal angle on a daily basis- more, more, more. Ping, ping, ping. Do more, spend more, get more, BE more.

Spend enough time with any group of driven people and you will notice that they are always on the cusp of the next great accomplishment. Planning, executing, failing, dusting knees off, trying again. Their business plan is always at their fingertips, laminated, and rarely subject to change.

Parenthood has taken me on this ride a few times- that undying quest for greatness AND BADGE of honor. The desire for the best employee parking spot. There is this insane notion that we must do more STUFF with our kids to be a good mom or dad. More activities. More hobbies. More language acquisition for the future diplomat. More, more, more- until our calendar looks like a football coach’s scrimmage playbook.

We sometimes forget quality and downtime to just be. To relax, talk, breathe, stare at a cicada’s very strange mating habits in the driveway. You know what happens in my family when we get too busy with ‘stuff’? Meltdown City. Make that Meltdown State.

The quest for being a perfect parent and business partner can be  exhausting. No offense (because I am perfectly capable of looking in the mirror) but we moms can be pretty MANIC these days. I gave myself a case of the shingles once trying to hard to embrace the overly hectic life. Sorry, manic mom friends. The truth hurts sometimes. How is it that we got to the point of believing an hour (or day- gasp) of idleness will kibosh a kid’s quest for presidential candidacy down the road?

Life can all too easily become a whirlwhind of unsolicited parenting advice with all of that pressure to scale up, do more, breathe less, sign up for that T-Ball class that teaches Buddism or Mandarin Chinese in the huddle.

And since some of us are in the business of raising kids, we need to remember this. You have to take care of yourself in order to better take care of others. Simple as that. No Superwoman cape needed. Maybe just a cup of coffee.

Now, go get yourself a snazzy headband, gentle breeze, hardback book (you deserve it) and a hammock.

Peace and happy bug watching!


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2 Responses to Cape?What Cape?

  1. anita higgs kinney March 1, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    Sweet child o’ mine is my favorite hair band

  2. Sheri B March 2, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

    New to this site- and really LOVE the bands! Off to shop- thanks! :-)