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A girl and her band loves life and loves adventure. While many adventures take place around the world, we know some of life's greatest moments happen at home. We want to capture our members' adventures and greatest moments.

Where has your band been lately? Send in a picture of you or your child wearing your band, and submit a short caption as to why you should be our band member of the month. Your photo and story may be chosen; your photo will be posted on our website and you will win a free band of your choice!

Please send your submissions to agirlandherband@gmail.com and put lead singer of the month as the subject title.


These bands rock!  I love wearing the sporty ones when I'm playing soccer or going to a swim meet, and I love wearing fancy ones to school or on the weekend.  My mom likes to find ones to match whatever I'm wearing.  Best of all, these bands don't fall off when I'm running around! 










My name is Olivia Bevins. I LOVE to dance-- at home, at the grocery store in the aisles, in the dance studio....pretty much ANYWHERE. When I wear my lucky "Dance" headband, it makes me feel like I can handle any new moves that a choreographer throws my way. My band never slips either- even if I do cartwheels and flips during my routines. 

I am a southern girl who was born in Colorado. I love to snow ski and hike and read books. My favorite season is spring when the flowers and sun make the days longer and we can be outside until sunset. It is almost time for the fireflies to come back in my part of the country. You can bet that I will be catching them soon in my lucky mason jar with my lucky headband too. If I had one wish, I think that it might be for peace. Life is so much better when we are all treating each other the way we would want to be treated. 
My mom is beeping the horn outside for dance class so I'm off to leap and groove and try some new moves. Don't forget to stop and smell the spring flowers wherever you are!
Love, Olivia







Meet Lily-Our lead singer for the month of April


My name is Lily Crow and I am the girl of the month for April. I wear my bands every where I go. I always wear my bands to soccer and basketball. My band never slips off when I play sports. I wore my band to my championship basketball game. This was a shocking moment for me because this was my first season of basketball. So I was really happy.

My team did a great job at making shots and lay-ups. I did a great job at dribbling.

I was so excited that my team won. After my game my team went to Lubo’s New York pizza to celebrate our win. My band was still in my hair, not slipping!

Thank you for choosing me as your girl of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Meet Bella-Our Lead Singer for the Month of March


      The amazing new business called  " A Girl and Her Band" is a very unique business. My mom bought me a headband to see how it works at gymnastics! I love my band so much! I wear it pretty much everywhere I go. I like it because it doesn't squeeze the circulation out of my head (like my other headbands do). I also like it because it doesn't slip off my head. For example my band doesn't go sailing through the air when I do the uneven bars. A thing I like about the business altogether, is that they have so many headbands and hair ties to choose from. So you can pick one that fits your personality. For example, you could show the people around you that you like summer, with a band that has sandals on it. Or, you could show them that you like the mountains with a band that has mountains on it.I wear my headband a lot. I always wear my band to gymnastics ( and it hasn't once fell out). I also love to rollerblade, so I always slip on my band,( if I don't already have it on) before I rollerblade. I also really like to paint. I have a whole acrylic paint set and a lot of canvases. I always wear my band when I am painting, to keep the hair out of my eyes. Lastly, I like to wear my headband to school, because my hair is always out of my way. My band and I have had some great moments together. Thank you  A Girl and Her Band! By: Isabella


Meet Kennedi-Our Lead Singer for the Month of February

~Kennedi is a free spirited girl, that flows to the beat of her own drum.  She’s spunky, creative, and has a contagious smile.  She loves wearing her hair wild and free, pulled back with her A Girl and her Band headband, as an expression of herself.  There is nothing better than being a girl who is comfortable in her own skin, and knowing that she is FABULOUS.  Thanks A Girl and her Band for letting girls know that it is okay to march to the beat of their own drum!!!~



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