Mentorpreneurship Program Overview

When A Girl and Her Band was just an idea incubating on the sidelines over mom coffee talk, our group of entrepreneurial thinkers wanted to do more than create awesome products. We wanted to build a company that was sustainable and we wanted girls of all ages to feel empowered to chase their dreams. After speaking with many of our friends and customers, it was clear that there are many dreamers out there who have always wanted to own their own business or who want to be a part of creating something powerful. After much deliberation, our Mentorpreneurship Program was born!


We live in a world where time is one of the hottest commodities around. Sometimes, our ‘To-Do List” seems to take front seat in life while we shift our dreams to the back burner until the time is right. Our team wanted to create a program that would give realistic insight into launching a company while juggling the demands of a hectic lifestyle. For the young girl interested in what it means to be an entrepreneur but is busy with school, homework, friends and afterschool activities, we will meet at her convenience and scale the program down to compliment her quest for knowledge and learning capabilities (you’re never to young to become an entrepreneur!). For the college graduate trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up, we will go through the steps we took when starting our business in detail, and include her in the day-to-day tasks. Basically, we will give each participant as much insight as they can digest.


Our program will show each participant how we came up with the idea for our business and the steps we took to incorporate. We will also show participants how we went about choosing a name, logo, building a website, sourcing materials, interviewing manufacturers and other aspects involved in the startup and day to day running of AGAHB.


Following is an overview of how we will mentor others on the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur:


  1. ~I have an idea, now what? (What product of service to offer)

  2. ~What will I call it? (Naming your business)

  3. ~How to sell (website creation, storefront, wholesale..oh my!)

  4. ~Philanthropy- 12 months of giving

  5. ~Becoming official: articles of organization, tax ID, sales tax license, insurance, NDA, trademarking, operating agreement

  6. ~How to finance your idea, opening a bank account, managing money, budgeting

  7. ~Sourcing material, cost of goods sold, manufacturing (You will get to create your own band!)

  8. ~Social Media…what is it and how does it tick to drive business?

  9. ~Marketing (You will market your band too!)

  10. ~Database

  11. ~Sales (Yep, you are responsible for selling the band you created!)


Please contact us at or call Casey Whitney at 720-841-8167 for more information.


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